I decided: before an English, piano or ballet course, I’ll enroll my child in a real swimming lessons. She frequents the pool since she was 4 months old, so now it’s time to do things seriously. I find it important to give children a skill that, in addition to fun and exercise, can save lives in case of danger. In these days of relaxation on the beach my “little fish” finally felt at ease as in the water as under, so much fun!

Ho deciso: prima del corso di Inglese, di pianoforte o di danza classica, iscriverò la mia bambina a un vero corso di nuoto. Frequenta la piscina da quando aveva 4 mesi,quindi ora è arrivato il momento di fare le cose sul serio. Trovo fondamentale dare ai propri figli una capacità che, oltre a divertire e fare attività fisica, possa salvargli la vita in caso di pericolo. In questi giorni di relax al mare il mio pesciolino finalmente si è sentito a proprio agio sia nell’acqua che sotto, divertendosi tantissimo!

Postanowiłam: przed kursem angielskiego, fortepianu czy baletu, zapisze moje dziecko na prawdziwe lekcje nauki pływania. Uczęszcza ona na basen od kiedy ma 4 miesiące, ale teraz nadszedł czas, aby zaczac robić rzeczy poważnie. Uważam, że to ważne, aby przkazac dzieciom umiejętności, które, oprócz zabawy i ćwiczenia, może uratować życie w przypadku zagrożenia. W tych dniach relaksu na plaży moja mala rybka w końcu poczuła się swobodnie, w i pod woda, a ile przy tym smiechu i radości!


15 thoughts on “SWIMMING LESSON

  1. This is a very good decision, I did the same when both my kids were 3 and our holidays have been more peaceful and funny ever since. (Mi sembra di conoscere il mare delle foto!) Cheers, HC

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  2. I used to love swimming lessons when I was little and I’m a pretty confident swimmer now as a result. Like you say fun and a useful skill. I couldn’t believe it when my primary school arranged lessons for us when we were 10/11 and there were a fair few kids in my class who had no idea how to swim! (Also really impressed by your mulitlingual posts!)


    • It’s nice to know about you experience and I hope to do the same with my children.
      I remember when I was 7, my school offered swimming lessons to the kids, most of the parents didn’t agree, so our class had to do gymnastic. It was a huge delusion. after a couple of years my family moved to small town in which there was no swimming pool… but there were two rivers… where me and some other kids were learning how to swim on our own…
      (my parents still don’t know about those adventures)

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  3. i love swimming. My dad taught me swimming when i was little 😊. Its great that you are taking your child to swimming lessons .


  4. I took swim lessons when I was 3 years old and I’m so grateful that I did. Beyond all of the fun that I had swimming competitively, it’s just a basic life skill that is so important, yet so easy to take for granted.

    Adorable kid, by the way!


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