1 year of blogging.
1 year of ideas.
1 year of racing against time.
1 year of new friendships.
1 year in the company of the camera.
1 year of invasions on the set from my child.
1 year of questions: why do you do this?
1 year of encouragements.
1 year of reflections.
1 year of memories.
1 year of satisfaction.
Thank You!

1 anno di blog.
1 anno di idee.
1 anno di corse contro il tempo.
1 anno di nuove conoscenze e amicizie.
1 anno in compagnia della macchina fotografica.
1 anno di invasioni sul set da parte della mia bimba.
1 anno di domande: perchè lo fai?
1 anno di incoraggiamenti.
1 anno di riflessioni.
1 anno di ricordi.
1 anno di soddisfazioni.

1 rok blogowania.
1 rok pomysłow.
1 rok wyścigow z czasem.
1 rok nowych znajomości i przyjaźni.
1 rok w towarzystwie aparatu fotogaficznego.
1 rok ciaglych inwazji na plan zdjeciowy mojego dziecka.
 1 rok pytan: Dlaczego to robisz?
1 rok wspacia.
1 rok przemyslen.
1 rok wspomnien.
1 rok satysfakcji.


49 thoughts on “1 YEAR OF…

  1. Incredible photos, incredible colours, beautiful model & many, many happy dreams! 🙂 Seeing your pics really cheered me up Kamila! Thank you! I can wistfully imagine having a wife like you making life so much more fun! I could certainly imagine feeling like a king if i had a daughter and her mother looked like you and made her that grinny! Hope you enjoy lots and lots of fun in your part of the Earth! 🙂 Big smiles, ed. xx


    • Omg, I was not even expecting a comment like this. Thank you. It’s so nice to recharge someone and to know that this someone caught the spirit of this page. There’s no need of many things to be happy, the most important thing is to be able to see and appreciate what you do, what you feel, what you have and never spend the energy on what you don’t. Thank you for your comment. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • You deserve one! 🙂 🙂 you have a very positive spirit and your beauty shines through quite dramatically! 🙂 & you’re right, i personally don’t ask for much, & i very very much enjoy wonderful things from stunning faces to escaping in beautiful countryside. 🙂 big smiles. xx:)


  2. So many things in one year! You got some amazing photos there.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post! I hope you will visit again. Let me know what you think!


  3. Wow, congratulations! I am coming up to a year myself, but still have a way to go to catch up with you. 🙂 And thanks for stopping by on my blog, I hope you will also follow.


  4. Your blog is awesome. And you are now one of my inspirations, since i am really new at this. I hope i get to learn a lot from you 🙂 i just wanted to ask you some questions about blogging. Where can i? Your email address?


  5. Wow! Congratulations on your 1 year of blogging 😀 I just started blogging myself and this is such an inspiring post as someone who is new to the game. Thanks for the motivation! And thanks for liking one of my posts 😉


  6. Congrats on the first year of blogging! ❤
    Hope you have many more years and great stories ahead! Wish you the best and all the success!


  7. Hi, I’ve only just looked at your blog, but I can see the amount of effort and work you have put into it! I would really appreciate it if you could maybe share my blog or just get the word across about it as I have only just started, it would mean the world to me if this blog got as far as yours. I really like your blog and am looking forward to the many posts you have to come!


  8. happy blogversary i guess 🙂 this makes me regret to have taken a break and start a different blog – whch one would be my blogversary? have fun in your next year!


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