Along the way of life
All can go smoothly…

Lungo il cammino della vita…
Può filare tutto liscio…

Na długiej ścieżce życia…
Wszystko może być poste…


You can meet some obstacle

Puoi incontrare qualche ostacolo…

Można natknąć się na jakąś przeszkodę…


You can meet a lot of people

Puoi incontrare molte persone…

Można spotkać wiele osòb…

You may also encounter a wild beast!

Ma …
Puoi anche incontrare una bestia feroce!

Można także spotkać niebezpiecznego zwierza!


Watching you

Che ti osserva…

Ktòry Cię obserwuje…


and then deciding to come to you 

e poi decide di venirti incontro…

I postanawia się do Ciebie zbliżyć…


And you that you have swum with sharks find out that you have a fear… of a squirrel
But for better living, fears must faced

E tu che hai nuotato con gli squali scopri di avere… fifa… di uno scoiattolo…
Ma per vivere meglio, le paure bisogna affrontarle…

A ty,  co pływalaś z rekinami,  okkrywasz, że masz stracha na… wiewiòrkę…
Ale dla lepszej jakości życia, lękom trzeba stawiać czoło…


And so, armed of sunflower seeds, I brought the enemy on my side
gaining a sense of security, freedom and desire of new discoveries, also those interior.

E così, armata di semini di girasole, ho portato il nemico dalla mia parte
conquistando una sensazione di sicurezza, di libertà e di desiderio di nuove scoperte, anche interiori.

I uzbrojona w nasiona słonecznika udało mi się przenieść wroga na moją stronę,
Zyskując poczucie pewności,  wolności i pragnienia nowyć odkryć, nawet tych wewnętrznych.








36 thoughts on “INTO THE WILD

  1. gorgeous and inspiring…my favorite photo is of the road/sky “you can meet some obstacle” I would enjoy another person or timed method to photograph like this… your method is intimate and I enjoy your portraying smallest things as perspective against the background of a vast ocean. Awesome


  2. These were amazing pictures, Kamila. I loved the way they were weaved in a wonderful story which can be related to all of us. It was quite inspirational and thought-provoking when you described how you brought the enemy to your side instead of running from it. Simply loved the blend of photography and writing. 🙂


  3. Reblogged this on Being Benedetti and commented:
    I got the biggest kick out of this blog post I stumbled across. Winning over wild beasts and overcoming fears with sunflower seeds. Why didn’t I think of that?


  4. very cute! or to make it more symbolic, some of the things that seems scary ( wild beast) or the unknown is really something small and minute. its all in our mind and our perception 😀


  5. Thank`s for visiting my blog. I love the photos on your blog, is that animal a Squirrel? We have a lot of Rock Rabbits on our beaches they call them Dassies. I was surprised to find out that their closest relative is an Elephant 🙂


  6. Glad to see you emerged safe after that encounter with a dangerous predator (of seeds). Who knows what peril you avoided by having the sunflower seeds handy. Yikes! Thanks for stopping by my photo of the Michigan forest, where we have a similar beast, the chipmunk. 🙂


  7. A nice wee blog with an odd mix of themes. I like the multi-lingual thing. And squirrels always make up for a good story. The blog is a little bit like the universe in a nutshell: it has animals, humans, landscapes, and some poetry. Keep it up!


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