Greece – Zakynthos Island – Blue Caves


For me, the holidays are the best  when are full of adventures and discoveries of new places.
So this time I chose

GREECE ON THE ROAD. A trip without a predetermined route.

I had 3 hours to pack  bags for the family and dog, fill up with fuel  and start driving to Ancona from where I took the ferry to Patras (25 hours).

Once we arrived we decided to embark again to immediately see the island of Zante.

6 - Copia

Fortunately we arrived in time to catch the last ferry Killini to Zante.


It  was a day (maybe more than one) very long, but in the end we arrived at our destination and we found a hotel dispersed among the barren hills.

Goodmorning Greece!

We leave for our first excursion: the Blue Caves





A swim with the whole family in the caves. Even the little 2 years old baby girl has appreciated.

20 22 24 26 27 28 30 32 34 36 38


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