One of the things I really don’t like is waisting my time while my nail polish is getting dry.
 I’m always starting this process with some good purpose like “ok, I’ll close my eyes and I’ll try to relax without touching anything” but all the times I finish picking up my mobile, calling some friends and at the end finding some kind of prints on my nails  (most of the time of my hair).
I tried almost everything to push through a drying, but until yesterday haven’t found anything efficient.
Finally, I discovered something that works pretty well!!!
It’s called EXPRESS DRYING OIL. It’s enough to put one drop on each nail and wait for about a minute and it’s done!
Price in Italy is 9,50 eur  (more or less 12$) for 7ml (23 fl.oz.).
I have no idea how long it will last, but I took this picture after using it once.
Thank you Sephora for existing!
If you have some tips for this practice, please share it with me and my followers in “comment”.
Thank you!


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