– onion
– celery
– beans (cooked, you can use those in a can)
– salt, pepper, olive oil 

(Nr of dirty pans: 1 + blender)(Nr of dirty pans: 1 + blender)

It’s noot essential but if you have some toasted bread or some kind of seeds (sunflower’s or pumpkin’s) you can make it ook like a MasterChef’s plate.

1.  onion + celery (cut in cubes put into a pan and cook few mins
2.  blend beans with point 1. (add some bouillon or it’s ok  even water)
3.    1 + 2 (cook in for 10 mins)
4.  add salt, pepper and olive oil when it’s in a plate.

                                                          Et voilà, it’s ready!


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